Action Plan: Apply for Thesis

I want to take action in applying to the thesis.
To do that…

  1. my overall daily routine needs to be healthy.
  2. Plan the steps thoroughly
  3. Find a good professor
  4. Email them

My goal is…
I will apply before 31/03/2023 and start working on my thesis in April.


This looks amazing, @Mischty09!

Great work on the Action Plan. This looks like a wonderful goal and I hope it goes well for you. Please keep us updated on how things are going (if you’re interested in doing so)!

<3 Tuna

P.S. Welcome to the Forum! We’re glad to have you here.


Thank you !
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Hi mischty09,

This sounds like an excellent plan. I love how it’s clear, the steps are doable, the timeframe is reasonable. This is awesome.

What are you most excited about applying for / starting your thesis? And what will it be about?



Hi Mischty :smiley:
I hope ur good.
Years ago I was kinda in the same shoes that you were, but with my bachelor thesis. I was (and still am) a perfectionist, and had this extreme opinion of my coordinating teacher. That he was up there in the clouds and I was down here in the dirt and that If I even dared bring him something that was bellow standard I would be done, and I mean I would be done.
The shame of not being on time, the shame of not being good, the fear that maybe somehow I would accidentally plagiarize something because I read it in a book and I didn’t quote properly etc. All of these really dragged me down and five years later, I’m nowhere close to finishing.

My advice? Don’t let emotions drag you down! Chase your thesis and your coordinating teacher and finish it. You will not regret it years later


Hi Nate
Thank you for the support. I want to work with machine learning. I know them only from theory, I don’t know much about the practical part.

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Hi, thank you for the ideas. My bachelor thesis was hell. I had a thesis mate who bullied me, I had no support. so I somehow relate that with past events. I am scared it will happen again. But you are right, emotions shouldn’t be here. I am trying to process all that.
best of luck with your thesis. :innocent:

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From: ManekiNeko

hey friend, i hope everything is going well. We are all supporting you and cheering for you!!


From: twixremix

hi mischty!

this is awesome to have you join the forum and create an action plan! hope your progress on these 4 goals are going well in the past week, we’re all cheering you on through it all! you got this!!



From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend Congratulations on filling in your action plan, im really proud, it looks easy to fill in but its hard to write down a goal for everyone to see. I wish you well with it, any worrys we are all here to support you. Much Love Lisa. x


Hey Mischty09,

Congrats on diving in to an action plan! All the best vibes to you while you work this, and get ready to kick this goal’s booty! Please, come back and give us updates along the way.

You got this!


Congratulations on making your action plan, @Mischty09 ! Hope you’re taking these steps to getting into that thesis, April 1st is gonna be an awesome day for you, I can feel it!

Keep us updated and keep working hard! I hope you take care and let us know how you’re doing throughout this big step in your life!


Hello there,

This is a HUGE life event. You got this. I am proud of you. Take it one day at a time.

You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are valid. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Mischty, Working on and then defending a thesis is a big deal. There is a lot of work ahead for you and I know that the benefits after will be even bigger. More of the professional world opens up to you. I really like that your first step in your plan is to make sure that you’re keeping your routine healthy and manageable. The rest you will then be able to tackle. I’m wishing you well my friend. Come back and let us know how you are doing.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Mischty09, and welcome to the forum! How has your application been going? I think this sounds like a really well thought out plan. I hope that you are working well towards these goals. Please keep us posted on how things are going :hrtlegolove:


Hi Everyone for the support. I suffer from Cptsd. My whole day dealing with fear & shame mostly. My fear is if I apply I have to go out of the house which I haven’t been doing at all. Also, the fear of rejection is also there.

I actually can not make myself sit with my laptop at all for my studies. does anyone have any ideas?


Fear can be absolutely paralyzing. It makes completely sense to feel like you can’t get yourself to work while knowing all the work you have to do, and having this fear of rejection and failure at the end of the road. Your body and mind resist, and that’s a healthy reaction normally – but with CPTSd it also becomes an obstacle when it’s reacting in a way that isn’t appropriate compared to the threat in front of you.

I suffer from CPTSD as well, and can recall that, while being a student, the times when I had to apply for master’s thesis were triggering this parylisis in me. I would procrastinate and feel so bad about it, overall like engulfed in some stuck in a state of inertia that felt really heavy.

This is yet again a traumatic reaction, a freeze response – if you’re familiar with this concept. Which may require from you some gentle body-based routines to develop before you have to start focusing on your thesis. Being extremely gentle with yourself, getting in movement physically. As weird as it may sound, getting up, putting a music your love and dancing is a wonderful way to progressively get unstuck. It takes repetition and to really respect your own limits/the way you feel, but it’s worth it.

Just sharing two videos with you about it that contains suggestions and explainations:

How to Release Trauma From Your Body - YouTube (starting at 10:00 there’s a list of tips and practices to apply).

Are You Stuck in Freeze Mode? How to Turn off the Freeze Response - YouTube – Tips and explaination specifically regarding the Freeze repsonse.

She is a licensed therapist and explores a lot of aspects of trauma responses. I personally love her channel as it’s often full of needed reminders and tips.

You got this, friend. This is yet another opportunity for you to learn to be a safe friend to yourself, to regain this sense of safety in your life, despite the fear of rejection or failure. We’re on this journey alongside you. You will be okay. <3


I hope you’ll find and coordinate with a good professor for your thesis!
Daily routine is important in self-care, and I hope the methods you use in keeping that routine are effective.


Hi there!

I know you were planning on applying within a couple of days so I wanted to check back in. How are things going?

I know you mentioned suffering from C-PTSD which sounds so hard, and I’d imagine that this fear also adds to the difficulties of applying for a thesis. How’s all that going, too?

Wishing you well,


Thank you so much. I will try them