Action Plan: Improve skills at work

My goal is…

To have more job stability in the face of layoffs, work on improving my own skills so that I am more hirable, more needed.

Currently, I am undecided between learning back-end related things, with C# and dotnet, or devOps with AWS, or trying out something completely new and foreign with ML, starting from the basics.
I work with Angular currently, and a bit of React, and I already know Python.

I will reach my goal when…

I get offers from any of the 3 positions mentioned above, and I can pass associated certifications.

I want it to be done by…

I need to make a decision, commit to it, and work on it to completion within the next 6 months.

Currently, I am studying the Math required for ML, because I find the topic interesting, challenging and novel, and I like that.


Hey there @steppebandit,

This is a great goal (along with the goal in your other topic)! I’m also glad to see that you seem to know what you’re interested in (or at least have a decent understanding of the areas that you may wish to pursue). It’s also awesome to hear that you’re interested in machine learning. That’s such an intriguing area and it’s great to hear that you’re currently pursuing your interests there.

Best of luck with these goals and, please, keep us updated (if you’re interested in doing so)!

<3 Tuna

P.S. Welcome to the Forum! We’re glad to have you here.


Hey friend!

I love the action plan. It’s time to execute!

The tech industry has been wild lately, but with proper diligence this goal can 1000% be done.

What do you have in mind for job searching? what’s your approach?

Have you thought about looking up what companies you want to work for and what their preferred language is?

or is there a way to find out the generally most used/sought after language for current programmers?

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Hi steppebandit,

This is smart - maintain my job security. It’s also fun - expanding your skills, betting on yourself, sharpening your craft. It’s really exciting! And I’m sure it will take stress off you knowing that in the face of layoffs (powerless) you are taking action within your control to hedge against that potential. Very proactive.

I’m curious what you’ll end up choosing - sounds like you’re leaning towards ML. It also sounds like because it is the most foreign it is the most unclear as to how to proceed, but you’re already taking action on it, which is awesome. Do you have any colleagues in that field? Or any colleagues who could refer you to someone who’s already in ML? Asking for an advice meeting with them might help you establish a clearer roadmap for how to get started, and tips for the journey.

Rooting you on!


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Hello, everyone, thanks for the kind replies.

I have decided that I want to study a mixture of both devOps and ML, and currently focus on math required for ML. This weekend I had a few hang-ups, my intrusive thoughts about worthlessness and not fitting in hit me hard, but I plan on recuperating this week!

Thank you eagertuna0! I will try and keep you guys updated once a week :slight_smile:

For some people, they see my situation as straight forward, maybe ML isnt something I necessarily want to do, but I feel like it’s better to be ahead of the situation than being behind.
I am currently employed, I make websites (btw, this forum is awesome, lots of functionality, there must have been some money invested in this). So currently im not actively seeking a job, just preparing for one. My current focus is to just understand the technology in depth, before applying anywhere, build a portfolio, and then go from there.

The widely accepted language in ML is python, in devOps, it might sound strange, but there is no preffered language, maybe just bash. In devOps, concepts and tools are important to know (as far as I know :D). Language doesn’t matter, as much as much as concept and knowledge about the field.

I have one acquaintance that I don’t get along with haha, and their advice in 2021 for me was to just give up, I will never make it without a degree in the field. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this.
My best resource are the materials that I have from work.

Thank you all for the kind responses! Again, I apreciate it

Much love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, Firstly Congratulations on completing your action plan, thats awesome, I hope that you manage to take all the steps necessary to get to the places you need to. I have no idea what it actually is that you are doing as im completely ignorant when it comes to your talent but I have no doubt that you can and will succeed. Take care. x

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From: twixremix

hi steppebandit!

this is so awesome that you made an action plan and laid out specifics on how to reach your goals. so proud of you for making this leap and moving your journey forward. i’m wishing you so much luck in tackling new programmer skills and knowing it’s more obtainable when you start with the basics. so excited to hear more about your progress - your heartsupport community is here to cheer you on through it all!


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there steppebandit! These are some great goals! I don’t know much about programming (know a little C++ myself) but I think it’s amazing that you want to pursue this career and work on these things to go towards this. You’ve got this! Keep it up :hrtlegolove:

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Good for you, @steppebandit for taking the time to create this action plan. Since you already have some knowledge with other programming languages, there’s no doubt in my mind that you can achieve this goal in the next six months.

Keep us updated and take care. We’re all rooting for you!

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Steppebandit, what a big tackle for your action plan. I love how you laid this out and walked through the pieces of it and working to decide which path to go in true engineering fashion. I’m a believer that you don’t always need a college degree to be hugely successful.

But I’m super impressed because there are all these new languages and AI and I’m so old school that I took my first programming course 35 years ago and put a dot matrix printer into an interminable loop. Yeah they had to shut down the whole system to make it stop. So I have huge respect for all that you know, all that you will learn and what you will do with it. Cheering you on!

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Hey Steppebandit,

First off, great choice for an action plan! The career field is ripe for all those options, and they are all an amazing launching point for a career in Software Dev/Engineering/Programming. Getting the action plan in place to get the gears moving is such a great step. As you learn and experience more and more in the field, you may find it is easy to move and transition your skills around as new technologies emerge. And doing this while you’re already employed? You’re a champ!

You got this, friend. Please let us know how it is going!

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This is an attainable goal! Have you made a plan for learning those skills?