Action plan

  1. Identify a personal goal that you would like to reach. What are the changes you want to create in your life?
    I want to make my connection to the internet more healhy by reducing the amount of time spend on it as well as reducing my mental engagment in interent stuff

My goal is…

  1. Formulate your goal in a way that is specific and measurable. What does it look like when you’ve succeeded?
    I will reach my goal when I will be able to control whether I am online or offline without any need to force myse

I will reach my goal when…

  1. When do you want it to be done by? Make sure to define a healthy and realistic time line.
    In six months, by 11/18/23."

I want it to be done by…


Wow, well done! Developping new habits regarding the way/how much we use internet is so important and powerful. It has to be so very freeing to reach that point of feeling in control of your habit, and not being controlled by it. You’ve stated this so well in your goal: when there’s no need to force yourself is going to be a strong indicator that you’d have integrated a new habit into your life. So good.

What motivates you to create this change, @czacho? And if I may ask, is there anything that convinced you that now is the time to set this goal?

Rooting for you already!

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Hi @czacho

It’s wonderful that you’re doing an Action Plan to limit your internet usage. I think you’re giving yourself a good amount of time and it seems doable. It’s also inspiring because so many of us need to cut down on our internet usage.

What things are you going to do to replace the time you usually spend online?

I hope you can check back in with progress, so we can encourage and celebrate you!

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This is a big deal and more of us need to decide to do this in our own lives. We can get so caught up in all of the stuff out there online and can also get tangled in it emotionally depending on what we’re looking at. So I applaud you for taking this big step. It takes work to form a new habit to replace an old one. And being intentional about what you are doing so you don’t get lost scrolling is what I had to do. I actually took apps off from my phone and had them only on my laptop so I could make myself limit my time on the internet.

What will you do with the new time you have? I’m cheering you on friend!

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