Adjusting to being alone

I’ve been staying back in my apartment at my parents house for the first time in about 5 months. 100% alone up here. I don’t really know how to deal with it. Any advice on how I can move on to meet some people?

Deal with Being Alone Are there any clubs and when I say clubs I mean actually organizations. Like where I live we have the Elks, Moose & Eagles and these are the predominant organizations that hold events for single people when the churches don’t.

You can find organizations like these advertising single meetups and events in the classified or event sections of your newspaper or public local forums, etc (online or print). Another great place in my day was coffeehouse or library even if there is a local college or university (If it isn’t for students, faculty only). They have meeting places where people socialize.

My personal favorite though is little clubs dealing with hobbies. I like to read and I use to be a member of 4 book clubs at my local library. Another option is the YMCA or community center. I mean people go to do stuff there you think they only care for the activity. Yet at least my local one. Everyone socializes. Another thing that comes to mind is hobby shops. A local hobby shop here has weekly tournaments and surrounding these they have weekly meetups. (Here MTG, Yugioh, Warhammer & 40k) That would be like 10 meetings weekly including the weekly tournaments themselves.

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I went through this struggle recently. My wife and I had separated (We’re now back together but still maintain two addresses, I see her on the weekends, it works for us), I bought myself a house so I could get out of my parents, it was a pretty rough time, I went a bit nutty for a bit.

One of the big things I did was start reacclimating myself to being out and about, and social, starting by joining an online D&D Campaign, then reading a book out in a public place, then going to an art show, and last weekend I went out to PAX Unplugged.

FInd those things that interest you out in the wild. Like gaming? Check out the LGS. Music? Hit up shows. Art? Art Shows.

LIttle baby steps over and over, until you’re back to peopling again, and its second nature. @NateTriesAgain once said to me once “People have it work, change isn’t instantaneous. It happens one little degree at a time, over and over.”

I’ve been living with this mindset, and it works. So keep on with that little step, over and over, until one day you wake up, and you’re there. Never stop making that one little step, that one degree change. When you get there, you take your goal, and you move it further down the road, and start your one little step towards the next one.

Never Stop Moving, Never Stop Growing.

Be well, and remember, you are the dopeness.