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I have no one and it seems like no matter what I do its never good enough for everyone.

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Two things, one, you have a forum full of people who care, and who are ready to listen! Two, the only person you’re competing with is yourself! If you’re doing your best, and working on being the best person you can be, then EVERYTHING you do IS good enough! The only thing you have to worry about is NOT trying your best!

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You have us! I know it’s not enough or maybe what your heart needs right now, but you always have this community whenever you need to talk to someone.

You are enough, my friend. Sometimes we just have to do things that are enough for ourselves. Take care of your heart.

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I encourage you to join HeartSupport’s Twitch channel for the live stream. You can chat with others and be friends. Also, you can join HS’ Discord too. To let you know you are not alone.