Advice about how to cope with life - sadness and depression

Hi Guys! I need some advice about how to cope with my life situation. I think Im going to break sooner or later. Im a separated father with two little kids, living in a foreign country, in a small flat, we have to sleep all together in one room. My father died when I was a Kid and my mother from corona at the beginnt of the Pandemie. I also have a lot of Ressentiment with the mother of the kids because of the separation. I feel like I am in the autopilot, having to do everything myself and I do not enjoy doing anything… not sure How I feel, maybe sad, maybe depressed…


Hi ayuda,
thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to Heart Support.
i feel sorry for you, with the losses you have gone through, your situation you have to challenge right
now. my toughts are with you and your family.
this situation really puts pressure on your shoulders, but be aware you are not alone in this. first here are
some crisis resources, maybe you can find help there:

also reach out to close friends maybe, speak about it, consider something like a therapy or a self help group
if you feel the need for. this can help a lot, learning about how to deal with your emotions and the situation
overall. it will take courage, but you also have found us, reached out to us.
you are strong my friend, going through all of that and also for your kids, your own family, that shows your
heart, what are you are willing to do for them, also for you. take care of yourself, you are worth it and you
matter. feel hugged and loved, we are with you, we are here for you anytime you will need someone.
Lovely greetings

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Welcome to Heartsupport and Thank you so much for posting. I am so sorry you have found your self in this situation, that really must be so incredibly difficult to be in a small flat with two children in a foreign country, I cannot imagine the worries that brings and the fears that go along with it. I am also very very sorry for the loss of both of your parents, that is a cruel blow and covid was indeed a dreadful time. Have you thought about contacting the Embassy of the country you are now in to ask for help with your situation? it may be worth finding out what options there are available for someone like yourself who is struggling and having mental health issues which by the way im not surprised by as you seem to be dealing with so very much. I would also encourage you to look for some help via a doctor, some therapy related help. talk therapy is a wonderful way to help clear yourself when you have all these problems in your head. We of course are here for you too anytime you need us. Much Love Lisa. x

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Hi Thanks Aardvark and Lisalovesfeathers for your nice answers

I know about the lines for the help options and also tried to do some therapy in the past, I’ll tried normal therapy and also some group one. The issue there is that is not so easy to find a really good one, yes they listen to you but there are also quite expensive… The problem with the free lines is that they usually focus in people in really urgent situations. Mi experice is that they see my situation als not so dramatic, I have a job, a have flat, I can provide and take care for the kids, for them Im doing just fine… what probably It also true. But I’m got the feeling that Im not taking care of myself…

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