Advise me pls, I'm losing faith

Hi guys it’s been a while since I last posted, everything seems to be going okay… But I don’t know how to explain. I know I should be grateful for everything I have. I just feel like a huge leech, totally dependant on my parents… I have two more modules left to complete my undergrad degree and everyone else is planning to do honours but i really want to find a job and gain experience, because my whole schooling career has been really tough. I’m ready to enter into a new phase, but where I am from finding employment is really difficult… I just hope that I am able to find something I enjoy and be good at it. I just want to find my purpose and yes I am really tough on myself it’s because if I’m not tough I will slack…I just feel like I can’t bear the pressure of life… The future scares me. I don’t know if I have what it takes to make it… lately I’ve also been noticing that some friends have become really distant… I honestly wish to have one good friend who cares about me and someone I could trust. But that doesn’t seem to be in my favour…

Hey friend,
I’m so sorry you feel like this at the moment.
I think it’s incredible that you’re going to be getting a degree!!! It doesn’t matter whether it’s honours or not. That’s amazing and you should be so so so proud of yourself!!
If you are having trouble finding an employer in the area you are currently in maybe you could try a different area?? I don’t know where you’re from but I’m in the UK and there is usually some kind of transport to virtually anywhere…

As for finding purpose…
You will find it some day maybe not today or tomorrow or maybe you’ll never know your exact purpose but I truly believe we are all here for a reason it may not be the reason you think or feel but we are all here for some reason!! I think the future scares us all secretly but at the end of the day it is inevitable and we cannot stop it.
I try not to think about the far future, but the near future instead. Take life day by day, enjoy it because you will only live your one life so own it!

You need to believe in yourself. You haven’t given yourself a shot yet! You reap what you sow so if you try your hardest then you should feel satisfied with what you have achieved.

As for your friends, talk to them. Some people become distant due to their own issues that they are facing…
If not try looking for people in different places, whether it be gigs, school or online.

You are an incredibly smart person and you seem so sweet. Please don’t loose faith, be proud of your accomplishments YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Believe you can do it and you are already half way there!!

Please message me and update me with how it’s all going! I would love to hear if you have any updates!!

Hold fast friend,
Love Luna x

Hey friend,

I believe in you. Keep fighting. Take it easy- small steps are key.

We are here for you no matter what.

We are all rooting for you. Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

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You got this. Growing up is hard. I have settled down and I’m out of school, and I still get scared of life sometimes. It’s alright to be unsure or to be scared or lost. You got this, and we are here to talk to you!

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It’s okay to be totally scared, every person graduating with a degree and job-searching goes through it.

The key is perseverance here—yes, it’s easy to be convinced that there’s too much competition, not enough opportunities, you aren’t good enough, etc. But the way you overcome these mental blocks is through grit and determination.

In the meantime, find ways to improve your candidacy, such as reviewing your resume, portfolio (if applicable). Lots of people are willing to help in this regard.

It’s just one step at a time! Don’t worry about the whole mountain—the way to get over it is step by step!

Best of luck, feel free to reach out!


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