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Afraid of dealing with the past


My therapist told me that she wanted me to work with another therapist that is more certified to deal with PTSD and I’m scared about working with someone else and to deal with my past drama at a deep level but I know in the long run it will set me free and make me stronger and give me freedom from my past and depression. Any advice? I’ll keep everyone updated


Hey friend. Have you left this therapist yet? If not, I would consider talking to them about the fear you have. I personally ran away every time a therapist would bring up an incident in my past and would bounce between therapists to avoid it… However, the person I’m with now is amazing. It does take time - but, you won’t know whether it can help without giving it a go.
When you meet this therapist for the first time be honest about your fear - they won’t be offended, they’ll help you however they can. They won’t make you go into anything straight away - you will get a chance to talk with them and work with them a bit first. It’s just about being honest with each of them. If that’s too much, write it down in a letter to hand them so they can read it, or show them this post… there are ways to go about it if having them stay the conversation is easier.
With my incident I had my therapist ask me question about it. They started off basic and then got more detailed as we went on - easing me into talking about it rather than just straight up throwing me in. You could even ask if that’s okay to do. It’ll be worth it if you do this and find it works. If not - you can keep looking. It takes time to find the right person, but you will ONLY if you give them a chance.

Hold fast


Hi, friend.

I also have PTSD and see a therapist not just for my general needs but also to work through my trauma. It’s not an easy process but it can be very healing. It’s good to have a therapist that is specialized with your needs because then they can best help you work through it. But with that said, I also know that changing therapists can be very hard. It can sometimes take a while to find one that fits you. But it’s important to find one that works well with us and our needs.

Are you able to see both? Or are you going to find a new one entirely? I know it’s scary but in the end it can be really worth it and you may find yourself really glad you did.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope you are able to find someone that works for you so that you can find peace, comfort and relief from the things that haunt or hurt you.


I am. Currently waiting to hear from the new therapist to see when she has an opening and my old therapist is not seeing me at the time but she said if I have an emergency or need to talk to her to give her a call but I am trying to take this time between therapists to ready myself to deal with the last the and the things I have been running from and pushing down for years now witch is going to be really hard. But my old therapist gave me a list if things I can prepare to help me through it and I am working on that stuff and if I don’t hear from the new therapist in a few weeks I am going to call and see what’s going on. Thanks for all the support and I will. Keep you guys updated


Well good luck! I hope the new therapist gets back to you soon! Don’t be afraid to try a couple of the next one doesn’t work out. It can take time sometimes. I hope whoever you get set up with next will be a good fit. :heart:


Thanks, its just something I need to do and work on its time to stop coping and actually fight and hopefully it works out with one try but it probably won’t and I’ll keep trying thanks again for the support guys it means a lot


Update for y’all so I didn’t hear back from the therapist yet but I was very self destructive this week. So I get migraines and I’m not suppose to drink an obsessive amount of caffeine because it can cause them. So for some reason I bought 15 monster energy drinks and I drank all of them in 4 days and went home early from work today and got in trouble at work.