Again the roller coaster and vicious circle

hello everyone! First excuse me my bad English! (I learn it yet) i think into 14 year soots this was beginning the strange feeling to be active in me, what is a constant burner roamed with disappointment with a feeling in my chest. My father died in one of this time, who was not disposed towards me so much near,. Not lived with us. A stepparent was my father, who many times beaten, and then in the school did they hurt you my classmates, i don’t know why, I was reserved one drawn possibly. I wrote this down very shortly i know.I am 21 year one now and I feel it so I got stuck, I am alone and no I and only a solution have self-esteem and only a solution because my future is dead-end. I had plans: I wanted to write, film I wanted to be a director and psychology concerned. I am not motivated. I feel it so too myself respected it with these plans, I got sticked in this circle. I believe it sometimes, that onto anything I am capable, and I take the road downwards on the slope next and I realise it nothing hits me. I have a boyfriend, who he does not interest, we there is a bullshit with me, according to it the depression. Would somebody talk with me?

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Hey there,

Thank you for being here! It sounds like you have had to deal with a lot in the past and are still dealing with a lot now. I hope you know that you truly are capable and that you can achieve and get to where you want to be. Depression likes to tell us lies about ourselves and that can make it hard to want to do anything or even to believe in ourselves. So, when you have those thoughts that tell you you aren’t good enough or that you can’t do something, I would encourage you to challenge those thoughts and ask yourself if those are founded in truth. With time you will be able to see that those are lies and you will be able to combat those thoughts quicker and easier when you do have them. You can do this!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes