Agoriphobicdl and my Story continued

So as it suggests this is a continuation of my last journal entry I couldn’t find a way to add to it if there is one.

Been a little over a year since my last post. I guess starting with the last place I lived got to be too stressful with a lot of noise in the area as well as some undesirables. Like gunfire in the immediate area enough so I woke to flashlights shining in my window from the police. Random lows with my depression and anxiety going thru the roof. After that lease was up I was looking for a new place and thought I found something that was perfect for me a lot of security features and a brand new building, to begin with. I was the first one to move in as I had already given notice to the landlord of my previous place. The first night was the best quiet and relaxing lol and then it all went to hell lol. A lot of people that had made deposits ended up backing out as the move-in date was pushed back 3 months. Due to construction punch list and stuff. So they were desperate to get people in. Come to find out there is no sound deading in the apartments one of the neighbors that live beside me likes to throw parties till like 2 in the morning and my bedroom buts up to their living room. They also don’t have the best relationship so there are constate fights and for some reason there in between midnight and 5 am. Slamming stuff into the walls where my bed is and of course yelling which I can hear very clearly.
The next problem is they put a couple with a young child. I can hear everything going on up there walking or them opening and shutting drawers and again not the best relationship and apparently they have to do their fighting in the bedroom lol. This I don’t blame on the child because he has not been taught or doesn’t know any better but the constant running and jumping I have to play music to drown it out if I’m up and if I’m asleep I have to get up. I call him my personal alarm clock lol. There has been a lot of other thing going on in the apartment that has caused problems. There are things that I have reported to the apartment management and doesn’t seem to do any good. Needless to say, high anxiety, and I can’t move for another year so my depression is high I’m still trying to find a way to supplement my income so I can move back to the previous apartment that I loved so much and is right where all my friends are but so far no luck and were not talking a lot were talking like around 300 a month but yeah im complicated. I have noticed that I seem to be regressing more these days this weekend the people I guess we’re out of town and I slept for most of the day up for like 3 hours and back asleep for a few more hours. So if you read the first part of this journal it will make a little more sense this is just adding to that. I appreciate any input. At this stage, this is one of the last things I will probably right about be for I reach my shut down phase of my depression as it has been rising. Still looking for a good doc. The fact that I know where I am at is a little better than not knowing so I have been preparing myself.


Have you try using head phone An’s listen sleep playlist on Spotify ( not the stoner band, they are awesome thou!) there a songs of panino songs, nature sound, rains, ocean and white noise. It help to sleep a lot at night and calm my anxiety down a lot.


I wish I could I am a side sleeper and I toss and turn so much that my insurance will not pay for the sleep apnea machine I’m supposed to use cause despite trying all the different masks do not stay sealed. Thanks for trying I appreciate it.

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My insurance company took my cpap away because I kept taking it off while I was asleep. I had to have an avg of 4hrs of sleep a night for some stupid reason. Can you wear ear plugs?


tried earplugs the first couple of nights they just came out in the middle of the night. I take a not addictive sleep aid to help get to sleep and use my phone for the noise machine but later in the night thing will wake me up.

I gave up on my CPAP too. My face is too angular for it to remain sealed. The nose pillows don’t work either because my sinuses close up when I use them. Sleeping on my side is the only thing that helps. There are white noise machines available, that could mask some of the noise that you’re hearing. You could also try some foam earplugs. They are fairly cheap at home improvement stores.

There is a train track behind our house. When a train passes, stuff in the house vibrates. I no longer notice it. Hopefully, after you’ve been there for a while, you won’t notice the noise so much either.

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yeah i use to have a train that ran behind my house not that close but you could still hear the horn when it got to the intersection wasnt a problem. I tried the earplug like that, i use to work construction so im very familiar with all the differnt types but no luck. I am a pretty sound sleeper these noise are loud not like hearing voices barely thru a wall but i can actually hear them and make out the conversation pertty sure there is just 2 piece of drywall between us, and the same for upstairs.

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