Agreed therapy is one of the best ways and a big t

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Agreed. Therapy is one of the best ways. And a big thank you to you Ricky. You help me so much through difficult times in life and teaching me to never give up. I struggle with PTSD and often it can be so difficult to just be happy. I can’t go to therapy right now because i have to wait for a place. It sucks.:sweat:… But just so you know too, dont give up. Keep your head up :hugs:


Sorry friend that you have to be on a waiting list for therapy. It sucks than one of the most convenient route to be supported in our mental health is also sometimes the one that is paved with the most obstacles. As you said so well therapy is one of the best ways, but it’s also so challenging to get there - and especially when you have to wait. It gives you more time to think about your decision, eventually re-evaluate it, and eventually to even consider giving up on the idea of getting help. Before having my first appointment with a therapist I remember how much the waiting was an obstacle in itself, and certainly one that tested this voice in my mind telling me that my struggles were not “that important”, or too much of a burden. I hope that, if you ever encounter this voice yourself, you make sure to gently push it aside. The fact that you are seeking support is huge, and we’re all so very proud of you here.

If you’re comfortable sharing in the future, I’d love to hear some updates from you on how this new journey is going on your end. Struggling with C-PTSD, I hear you on how much it’s a constant battle but to keep your head above water, while there is this force inside that urges you to stop swimming. Healing and growth aregoing to be a tumultuous but worthy journey for your heart, your mind and your body. I wish you all the best moving forward. :heart: