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Aiding Ones with PTSD


Any advice on how to aid a friend who is going through severe PTSD? She witnessed two individuals who suffered from gunshot wounds on campus at UNC Charlotte earlier in the week. My best friend’s wife and his family are very important to me, and if anyone has knowledge on how I can best aid them please let me know



I don’t have any advice to give on this situation. I’m sorry. Thank you for sharing. It shows how you care and love your friend. You are a great person.


Colbs, so I am a former Marine and have a bit of knowledge on this. Sometimes as a person who suffers from PTSD, the best thing for them is talking to someone else who has gone through the same sort of event. So if you are talking to this person and feel as if you aren’t helping, don’t feel like you are failing. A person in that situation needs to know the other person truly understands what they felt, the emotions, the pain, etc. So what I would suggest is maybe searching online for any types of groups that involve people who have been through that same ordeal. I really hope this helps, and your friend can find peace soon, much love.


Thank you for the advice I will definitely search for some form of support groups for her! Thank you for your service as well!


Thank you for the encouragement!


You are very welcome!!! So glad you are part of the community and posted!


It’s really hard to say because everyone is so different. I have PTSD but how I cope may be very different than them. For me, it varies on the moment.

  • Sometimes what I need is a distraction. A friend. So playing a game with a friend or a loved one that can take my mind off of things is a huge help. Or a movie. I know everyone uses to watch movies together, that is also another really great way for distracting and spending time with friends. Or even going out for a movie, coffee or lunch. Anything to help bring positive vibes and energy.

  • Sometimes I need the opposite. Sometimes I need space. Sometimes I just need to be quiet and zone out in a book, a movie, my art or a game all by myself. Sometimes it’s just easier to clear my head alone with some calm music.

  • Meditation with a friend or alone can be so helpful. There are all kinds of meditative things around the internet and even YouTube. To help just recenter yourself, breathe and clear the head. It can be nice to do this a friend and then talk. Sometimes it’s nice just to do alone.

  • Other times a really nice refreshing bath with all of the goods is just a really nice way to get out of the moment. Bath bombs, bubbles, candles, calm music. These may not be things you can do with your friend, but these things make great gifts to make them happen.

  • Sometimes I just need to talk. But sometimes it helps to be able to talk to someone who has an understanding of what is on my mind. PTSD is so different for everyone and what works for them, so how comfortable talking about it is will vary for everyone. But don’t be offended if you aren’t the person that’s right to talk to in the moment. It definitely doesn’t take away from you being a valued friend.

I’m sorry that your friend had to go through that. How awful. I truly hope that they get feeling better and that you can somehow find a way to bring them comfort.

I also take medication for when my PTSD gets acting up. Sometimes there is no answer. Sometimes I just need to release the anxiety through a good cry or a good cuddle session or even sleep. But these are things that can be very private and can’t be provided by just anyone.

Like I said. I hope your friend finds peace. It’s a hard thing to battle through. But with caring friends like you, it makes all the difference