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i feel like im never going to get free from my addiction. When i start to make headway, i feel sucked back in. I want to use now but am fighting not to

Just stay strong. Remind yourself who you are. And who you want to be. Never give up.

Someone once told me, the movie starts with the ‘guy’ getting sober and putting ‘his’ life back together. It does not end there. This may be the hardest thing you fight in your life, but you can and you will get through this.

Hi friend,

You are strong and you’ll get through this! It’s a major obstacle in your life but you will overcome it. Sometimes our goals can seem very far away from us because we really want to get there as soon as possible. Try to get back to smaller steps so you don’t get discouraged. By continuing to fight, you’re already succeeding.

It’s also quite normal to have this impression of taking steps forward and backward. Like running in the same circle. But you’re doing great. Each new day, you’re going a bit more further and you won’t lose this. It’s part of the strengths you’re building for yourself right now.

Hold Fast, friend. :heart:

Never give up trying to get over tour addiction! There’s always ways to help yourself or get help from others all around! You’re not alone, keep fighting.

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