AILD Fan #104

My bf doesn’t understand my anxiety

I’m sorry you feel alone in your struggle. I deal with anxiety too. Sometimes it feels like no one understands or people make fun of me for my anxiety, but it’s a lie that we tell ourself that we are alone in this struggle or that no cares. The truth is that you are deserving of love and do matter. The truth is that your anxiety doesn’t define you, and the same way there are bad days, there is always a good day around the corner.

Hi friend,

It can be difficult for others to understand anxiety, especially if they don’t experience it at a high level. First of all: you are not alone, and there are people in this community who can understand what you’re going through and how it feels to deal with anxiety everyday. But I also understand the importance of making your beloved ones understand, so they can give you some support. I can only encourage you to keep trying, with your own words. But if it’s becoming too difficult and you don’t know how to explain it anymore, maybe it would be interesting to look at some resources on Internet, made and addressed to people who doesn’t have anxiety. You can always use that kind of external tool to help you. :wink:

Take care. :two_hearts: