AILD Fan #110

I’m a recovering addict with 2 1/2 years clean, my boyfriend and daughters father is using again. I have to move out and either have him go to jail or rehab. I feel like I cant be a single mom and no one really gives a damm that this is going on in my life.

Your stronger than you think you are. You know what’s best for yourself and your little family. It may seem hard to leave a situation your used to but think of the future and how much more life will mean once your in a better place.

I am so happy that you are clean. You can do this! You were able to fight for yourself to get clean and you have been clean for over 2 years. You are stronger then you know. I believe in you!

I think that coming here to talk about this is a great first step. I think that forcing him to go to rehab would be the best thing for you, him, and your daughter. There are so many resources that help you as a single mother. You are not alone. There are serval different government assistance programs and non profits all around for people that are in similar situations. I would reach out to different organizations around you. Some organizations offer counseling, day care, and home assistance in order to help you and your daughter. You are not alone.