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I dont see my life going anywhere. Is anxiety and depression going to follow me forever? Why do i regret so many things i said today, when they were just normal conversations with friends?


Hi friend. I often get a lot of social anxiety and regret a lot of things I say too. For me it’s because I feel like I sound stupid. I struggle to fit in and feel awkward.

I’m not sure what causes you to feel this way. But I’m sorry that you are left feeling regretful for speaking your mind and being yourself.

I have always battled with depression and anxiety. So I can relate to the feelings it leads to when your left wondering if it will always be a cloud above your head wherever you go.

I battle depression, always have and I likely always will. But, I try to find things that help me through it. Whether hanging with people that I love most or doing things I enjoy.

What makes you happy? I enjoy board games! We often have game nights within our family and with friends. Maybe this is something you could do with your friends.

I also enjoy creating and making things. Listening to music and watching happy movies. I even sometimes enjoy watching sad things that I can relate to and make me feel validated.

What makes YOU happy? When you’re depressed what are some things you can turn to?

And I also am curious, what are these things that you regret when talking to friends? Is it just you being your natural self? Or is it you expressing things in a way that is hurtful? There are ways to handle and face both situations. If you want to talk about it.

I hope you find some inner peace my friend. Know that you do not have to be alone.

Much love

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I am OP. Thank you so much for your help. Sometimes i get stuck in my head. Its normal conversation, but i start thinking about what i said and how stupid i am for saying something like that. Its weird and random. Not offensive or anything or gossip. But stuff about me. Idk. But anyways. I am doing much better today and thankfully seeing my counselor tomorrow.

Much love.

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Oh! Well I’m so glad that you decided to get on! Good to see you friend. And of course, no problem.

I totally get that. I can relate to exactly what you just said. It’s a regular battle. But I think it’s great that you have a therapist that you can speak to and hopefully find ways to work through that.

Know that you are always welcome here. Seriously. If you ever want to talk. There’s a discord you can connect to and my DM are open.

I wish you all of the luck tomorrow my friend.

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Oh, and here’s our discord link:

You’re welcome to come join us any time!

I understand life can be hard to get through and sometimes we say and do things we don’t mean to hurt others. Keep in mind that life goes on, and the sun will rise tomorrow. We can always work on getting better by living for tomorrow.