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AILD Fan #128

Feeling isolated by my coworkers who seem to all be very close with each other. I do a great job but they all have close friendships in and out of work and I feel like I don’t belong.

That’s hard ):

Very sorry friend. I certainly can relate to that feeling. My first job I was so out of touch with everything and everyone. I was good at my job. I think it’s partially why they didn’t like me. So it was hard to build friendships and they often gave me flack.

That’s so tough. Are these people that you work with a healthy group? People that are worth investing time and energy into? Or are they unhealthy people that would drag you down? I think that’s really important. If they seem healthy, maybe you can try to suggest an activity. Like…maybe a game night! Or a movie. Something that will allow you to bond and better build relationships.

But if they are people that may not be all that healthy anyway, maybe you can find connections elsewhere. I don’t fully know your situation, so I don’t fully know how to help. But I want you to know that you matter okay? You are important and you are valued. Despite how they may leave you feeling.

And if you ever want to further talk about it, we’re here okay? You don’t have to be or feel alone. You are always welcome in this community. Here on the wall, in our twitch stream or on our discord. Up to you.

Much love

  • Kitty

I feel that way to sometimes too. I don’t know your specific situation but I do know that in my case a lot of the time that isolation is self inflicted for me. I tend to think people don’t like me, but the truth is that people do enjoy working with me. I’m not sure if that relates to your situation but just know you have a home here and you are always welcome.