AILD Fan #134

feeling like im letting my family down by moving out of state with my kids.

always putting myself before others

not knowing how to give myself self love and not feeling good enougb

Hey friend,
Moving is hard, but it can also be for the best. A new place and community to get to know and benefit from is a good thing. It is full of possibility and new memories to be made, and family can always come visit and stay in touch through all the wonderful technology available to us. I hope that they eventually see the positives and choose to be supportive through it all. You are ultimately making a move for you and your kids and that may just be for the best right now, even if others do not understand. I hope the move goes well and everything comes together for you. Self-love and feeling good enough are hard to do, I hear you. Little things do make all the difference though. Get yourself some coffee or a drink you enjoy, take a selfie and post it somewhere with an awesome quote to remind yourself that you are worthy of love. Because you are. From yourself and from others. Practicing things that make you happy or feel good helps. Whether that be making a delicious dinner, coloring something like a boss, or getting all the laundry done-sometimes these are things that can help those good mood vibes and ultimately help with how you feel about you. Love you friend, hang in there. We are here for you.

Trying to decide whats best for a family can we difficult. anything you decide to do for your family will be the right decision. Sometimes we need time to ourselves, and to put ourselves first. You are by no means wrong for taking care of yourself. much love to you and your family :heart: