AILD Fan #136

No matter how much I try to get ahead, everything falls apart. I try hard to keep going for my kids, but I can’t do it anymore.

Hey friend,

Feeling exhausted and discouraged by different events and circumstances is something we all go through sometimes. You’re already doing great. And there is no doubt you’ve been strong for a long time and keep going on for your kids. You are a dedicated and loving parent. You deserve a lot of respect for what you’re doing. But you also have the right to take some rest when you need it and rely on others. I hope there are people in you relatives you can try to talk to and ask for help. Also, if it’s something you can consider, getting professional help to talk about what’s going on and find solutions can be really helpful. We all need some external help sometimes, especially during difficult seasons of our life.

Also, on HS, there are resources that may be interesting for you to check out:

Hold fast, friend. Even if it feels like things are falling apart right now, it’s not meant to last forever. This community is also here to bring you support when you need. :heart:

Things can always get better! I have been at a point in my life where I couldn’t pay my bills because I got hurt and couldn’t work. Life didn’t get bette