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Major chronic pain, only 29. Addicted to Percocet and Pornography.

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Hi there. I see you’re feeling stuck. I too know what it’s like to feel lost and unsure what to do next. Living with chronic pain isnt easy and its debil

itating, and depressing and isolating when you cant do what you want to do, or too pained to do it. I battled with chronic pain after injuring my si join

t. It took a lot of different types of therapy, but showing up for myself and not taking ‘no’ or ’ I cant help you’ as an answer. Show up for yourself. Y

ou know what you need to get yourself well. Sending love and healing powers to you!

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I really appreciate that! I know God can help, but I’ve been addicted to porn since I was 10, and I’m just at a loss. My 8year anniversary is in 9 days. I’m stuck.

I understand the life of chronic pain. I fight that battle. Sounds like you may need some healthier outlets my friend. If your medication are causing addiction and for you to rely on them in unhealthy ways.

Is it possible for you to talk to your doctors or a therapist about your addictions and struggles so you can have someone to help work with you to find better methods of coping?

I know when you battle with so much pain, having hobbies and doing things can be very difficult and overly draining. I definitely fight with that a lot. It can be difficult to find energy and motivation. You are not alone my friend.

But I’d hate to see you fall down a dark hole of addiction and unhealthy coping mechanisms. That never leads to happiness.

If you want to talk about it more in depth and maybe be connected with some resources to help you, know that you’re welcome to come here any time. Okay? You don’t have to go down this path alone. There are a lot of people here who struggle with very similar things and can probably relate.

Be gentle with yourself friend. You matter

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It is possible, I’m just not brave enough, I’m scared what my pain will be like when I don’t have the painkillers anymore and I’ve fully withdrawn from them… I work a very physically demanding job on top of it all, and I need to be able to perform to high standards in order to take care of my family. I already get so much crap at my work from co-workers and bosses for my performance, yet they can’t even begin to understand this pain… No matter how many times I tell them. Anyways, I appreciate the encouragement, I really do. I just don’t know where to start.


It’s hard taking that first step. Understandably. It’s something outside of your comfort zone and can be very scary.

It would be worth it though. When you are ready. But either way, I hope you are able to find some relief my friend.

You are always welcome here.
Sending love