AILD Fan #138

It feels like I’m just dealing with so much. Nothing I do seems to help with getting out of the hole I made.


I know the feeling. I’m in that mode weekly. Sometimes less is more…you know what I mean? I’m not sure if you have too much going on or are just overwhelmed but when I get that way, I start cutting things off that aren’t as important.

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And the defeat feels like it only buries you deeper in that hole. Like your sinking and you can’t get a grip on the sides to claw out…you just see the sky getting smaller and the light getting dimmer.

It’s hard to know that the hole you’re in, at least in part, is made from your own hands. It only compounds the hopelessness.

But it feels like to fix the hole takes more than you have within you to handle…like you’re just trying to keep your head above water on so many other things in your life that to handle taking back ground feels impossible.

So you feel stuck.

I get that – I experience a lot of that in my own life. It’s such a discouraging feeling to wake up every day feeling like your progress in life is stalled, barely eeking forward, or worse yet moving backwards…it makes you feel like you can’t even face the day because you’re doomed for defeat.

I’m sorry you’re in that place, friend. You are not alone in that fight.

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Perserverance is key, struggle is the only constant in this world, its an opportunity to mold us into something greater. Someone once told me, “suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret.” Pain is only temporary, struggle is only temporary, keep pushing through and i guarantee it will get better. Life pushes hard, you push back.

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Everything takes time. Nothing is forever and you will get through this.

We all dig ourselves into holes at some point in our lives. The main thing I try to remember is that there are always silver linings in life. The best thing I do when I feel stuck is console in family or friends or try to keep my mind busy with positive things to take my mind off anything negative. If you take one thing from this message, just please remember that there is always someone here who loves you and always someone hear willing to listen and help how they can.

I understand you’re struggle, I’ve been through the same feeling that i felt would never get better. You’re strong and brave to open up and to express you’re feelings, you’re not alone. You came into this world with a purpose and to make a change. Don’t give up.