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Work. I feel so anxious about things happening . I’m waiting to hear back from a new job and I just don’t want to miss a good opportunity

I can understand the anxiety of waiting for a new job to work out.

My partner just did an online interview today. There will be 3 parts to this interview process and about 20 applicants. Only one getting through. He’s so anxious! So I can understand why you would be! Finding and applying for jobs can be so mentally exhausting!

I hope for the best my friend! I hope that it works out! And even if it doesn’t I hope that something good comes your way!

Much love

  • Kitty

Hi friend,

Being anxious about this is absolutely understandable. I hope you’ll get this new job and wish you the best for times to come.

Take care of yourself in the meantime. You’re doing great and you also deserve to take some rest. It takes a lot of energy. :heart:

Hold fast.

You are qualified, strong, and deserving of good things in your life. This will work out for you. The universe is on your side!!! You’ve done all the work and now it’s time to reap what you’ve sown. Stay encouraged!

Keep your head up! Everything will work out for the better as time goes please remember you are not alone and will always have someones love and support! :heart:

You’re in a tough position, but you can get through this. It’s easy to over analyze your steps instead of relaxing and going with the flow. You’re not alone with your anxieties, and I sincerely hope all works out and you succeed!

Keep your head up, good things will happen. They’ll see how good of a person you are. You applyed for the job so you’re not letting that opportunity go to waste.

Stay positive and stay motivated. A good way that always helped me with feeling this way was always pushing myself to apply to more careers that fit the same characteristics of that job. When applying just be you that’s all you can be. You know yourself and you can be in control.

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Whatever happens, better things are always in store for you. Take it all a day at a time and I promise you a better day. You are never alone.

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