AILD Fan #150

People ignore me when I try to talk to them, and I either feel embarrassed or I just shake it off

Hi friend,

Gosh… it’s really difficult to have the impression of not being heard or seen by others. I guess it makes you feel alone or isolated, so I really want you to know that you’re not. We see you and you matter to us. :heart:

Being embarrassed sounds like a normal reaction, even if you shouldn’t be because you didn’t do anything wrong. Sometimes I feel like this too because of anxiety, even if it’s getting better recently. I’ve been so many times in this situation when I say something but no one reply or react. I realized over time that it’s not necessarily because people want to ignore me on purpose. But I’m so stressed to talk that I tend to speak very quietly. I’m so afraid to bother others or say something stupid that I struggle with speaking out loud. Maybe it is something you know too?

In any case, you have the right to talk to others and express what you want to say. Please, don’t be embarrassed when this happens. Sometimes it can help to repeat what you said because others didn’t hear you the first time. And if you think that people ignore you on purpose… then it’s their loss and you deserve much better! Because you matter my friend, your voice matter. :heart: