AILD Fan #154

I feel like I’m messing up in a lot of things of my life including my family. I feel like I’m not what they expect me to be and do. I would want to talk to my dad and explain how I feel about our relationship

Hey friend,

I don’t know if you really mess up a lot of things, but even if it’s objectively true, I really want to remind you that it can be happen to any of us. Sometimes it gets difficult to handle all the things life throws at us. And parents can have high expectations too! So please don’t forget that we’re just human beings, and that’s okay.

Talking to your dad sounds to be a positive thing. Maybe he’ll be able to understand and to reassure you. Having honest discussions with our beloved ones, especially when we’re not sure about what’s going on or what’s in their minds can be really helpful. It can lead to a better understanding between you two and allow you to have a fresh start. So if you talk to him, know that no matter how it goes, there is a community here that is ready to listen to you and help you as much as possible.

You’re doing great. Hold fast. :heart: