AILD Fan #158

Life in general is so hard


Oh…yea. That’s true. Life can be really tough. There are always unexpected events, hardships to face, difficulties we didn’t have a say on it. We can be worried, sad, anxious, angry, scared and so many other uncomfortable feelings. Just reading the news can be depressing and makes you feel that we’re navigating in an ocean of madness.

But. There’s a huge “but”.

Great things happens too. People are able to do the worst, but also the best. You can be happy, blessed, grateful, proud of yourself, relieved, hopeful, serene… You can meet people who will make you feel loved and respected for who you are. You can encounter positive opportunities. You can find Love.

In other words, life can be hard but we can’t pretend to know what will be tomorrow. Because life is also full of possibilities. You’ve got breath in your lungs, you’ve got the ability to feel, to think, to make positive decisions for youself and to make this world a better place. So keep on trying, friend. We’re all on the same boat in this. But we can try to make this journey as fulfilling as possible.

Take care. :heart: