AILD Fan #27

My depression and anxiety will always keep ahold of me. Its ruined enough in my life and I feel like it will stick with me forever. I want to have a happy and worryless life

I’ve always believed that I chose to feel the way i felt. It’s easy for me to choose the negative. It took a lot of practice to choose the positive. But I do know that depression and anxiety are a different animal. When I was struggling with those in my life friends were a big part of my solution. Speak your destiny into existence my friend. Feelings fade and they don’t last forever. Tomorrow is another day.

Hi friend,

I know how much depression and anxiety can be overwhelming and impact our daily lives. It can take some time to learn how to work on it, but it’s really worth it. You won’t feel like this for your whole life. Over time, you’ll be able to reduce your levels of anxiety and see how it can improve your depression feelings/state of mind. Take it easy, day by day.

You’ll always feel some anxiety, depending the moments in your life, because we all experience that. It’s a natural reaction for every human being. But it won’t be in a disabling way like now. Hold fast. Things will get better. And even if there’s a lot of stress right now, you can still try to be aware of the things that brings you some joy in your life.

Also, I’d like to say: it’s not because you’re struggling with depression/anxiety and it’s not because it’s taking a lot of space for you right now that your whole life is only about that. You are so much more than your struggles and you’ll also keep living wonderful things in your life. You’re a unique person and you matter.

Sending much love your way. :two_hearts: