AILD Fan #4

My anxiety is running wild. I feel like something bad is gonna happen. Hard to stay in the moment.

Take a second. Look around. What do you see? Everything around you was made based off positive energy. Your life is no different. You too can build a foundation that will set you on a great path.

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I have anxiety too and at times it can feel wild and uncontrollable so what I do is just try and remember that it’ll pass and everything will be okay. :blush:

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Hi friend,

Even if it’s hard to stay in the moment, the fact you keep trying is important. Sometimes it will be more difficult than other moments to stay focus and to reduce your anxiety. But when you create an automatism of trying to be aware of what’s going on and grounding yourself, you’ll respond to it better and better.

I don’t know if that can be helpful for you, but when I’ve got no control at all over my anxiety, I try to write lists, because I generally feel really anxious when I’ve got too much things to doto /think about or stressful events coming. So, I take a piece of paper and I write down everything I can think about. Then I try to read each element and to answer to different questions: “Can I do something for it? Yes/No.” “What could I do?” and “When will I do it?”. This way, you can have a better view of what’s going on in your mind, you authorize yourself to put out of your mind the things you’re just ruminating and you can regain some power over other situations. :wink:

Hold fast. :heart: