AILD Fan #41

My anxiety holds me back from everything. Job interviews, social situations, getting out of bed. I just feel stuck. I have nothing going for me because of overthinking mind

Hey friend first you are not alone and have hope. This a community you can be your fear and anxiety. There is always hope and a way through this. If you want to talk in person right now I am at the HeartSupport booth in the back.


Morgan Hochstetler
HeartSupport Intern

Anxiety can be such a huge hurdle at times. That’s something I struggle with myself. But keep pushing. You have people and even strangers supporting you. Be patient with yourself if you feel stuck or discouraged. We can all weather these storms together.

Hey there friend. My name is John, and I’m helping build HeartSupport’s Houston initiative. I’d love for you to join our work in Houston! Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested, and I’ll hope to meet you.