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I don’t feel wanted by anyone I have cared about.


Reading this, I feel as though we need more information, but I’m going to try to help as much as possible.

First of all, I think you should talk to your parents, siblings, friends, or anyone about this. I believe that talking to them and speaking about the problems that lead to you thinking this will maybe change your mind. People get mad, and sometimes it seems as though they dont want to talk to you or be around you, or maybe to some, it seems as though they don’t want you, when this usually isn’t the case.

My other solution is to talk to someone! A school councillor is the best person to talk to, or if you don’t go to school, there are many different websites that offer help. Everyone should talk to someone, because sometimes our feelings build up and the only way to let them out is to have a breakdown, which shouldn’t be the solution.

I hope this helped in some way, but if it doesn’t, I’m sorry.

Chelsea xx

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That’s their fault and not yours
Continue doing the things that make you happy and the right people will fall in place as they should

Hey there friend. My name is John, and I’m helping build HeartSupport’s Houston chapter. I’d love for you to meet our community! They care about you, and I’d love to prove it to you. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested, and I’ll hope to meet you.