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Career wise I feel stuck of what I want

There are many career choices out there. Go out explore and ask questions. Maybe try and connect some of the choices with your hobbies or a subject you a very interested in

I know how you feel. 3 years ago, I thought I was on the right path, but then some things happened and I hit rock bottom. I lost everything. Took a year for someone to help guide me and get my head straight. He gave me an opportunity I thought no one ever would. Now I have an amazing job making great money.

Hi friend,

Since we’re young, we’re told that it’s important to choose a job like we’re gonna spend our whole life in the same activity. But reality can be really different as we go through life, as we evolve, and as our needs/aspirations too. And… that’s okay!

If you’ve already worked, then you can identify what you liked or not. And if you didn’t yet, you can’t still try to ask yourself the same thing concerning your hobbies or personal activities. Still a first step. :wink:

It can take some time to find what you want and maybe you need to try different things before knowing it. Experiencing new things and staying curious is nourishing in many ways. Maybe try to talk with your relatives about their own jobs, try to visit institutions when you got the occasion. To take some time for yourself to think about what you want, what are your dreams but also your present resources, what are your values… could be considered too. :slight_smile: Even volunteering can be interesting to discover new approaches without having to worry about financial risks.

In any case, it’s really healthy to wonder about that. It happens to most of us at different moments in our lives. And there’s no doubt you’ll build your own answer over time. :wink:

Hold fast, friend. :heart: