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I feel like everyone has alienated me based on choices I have made. I made these choices thinking it would put me on a better path. Losing my friends to better myself seems so selfish if this is the end result.

Focus on making yourself better. It’s not selfish because once you grasp life you’ll be able to reach out to others and help them up as well. Be the person you would want as a best friend and people will see the difference. People will always notice your mistakes before your accomplishment but overcoming that and becoming a person that people look up too is a feeling that is unexplainable

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Hang in there. The choice is yours and your friends will learn to support you. Believe in yourself and they will believe in you!

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There are people that love and support you. If you are trying to better yourself. More power to you. Be redefined!! That song saved my life.


You have to remember that you are living your life for YOU, not your friends. As bad as things may seem now, you will love yourself later for putting yourself

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First better yourself is not selfish at all. I am working with someone in the HeartSupport and have had to teach them that there are people that are going to not understand why you are doing what you are doing because it they not understand for example “being sober” means. We lose people in our lives from just life style changes and it sucks. We as humans were made to be in community with each other and when that is lost it truly is painful. So first you are not alone. You belong here. You belong around people that will support you. You are loved.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
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Hey friend,

You are not selfish at all. It’s hard to realize that people don’t necessarily understand or support the choices we can made for ourselves. But if you feel that you’re doing what’s the best for you right now, then you are doing the right thing. As it was said before, this life is yours, these choices are yours, and maybe your friends need some time before to realize that. Anyway, you’ll always be welcome here in this community and we’ll be glad to know how things are going on for you. You are not alone. :heart:

Sending much love your way. :two_hearts:

Hey there,

I responded to your topic on my live stream. Hold Fast.


Whoever this is I hope this message finds you. If you made choices to better yourself and you feel like you are doing better than you made the right choice. Those who alienate you aren’t meant to be remain in your life if they chose to leave cause all you wanted was progress. The hardest thing to do is let go of loved one or life long friends but if it means that you have bettered yourself for it than you have to let them go. Self care is the most important thing in this world. I hope this finds you and I hope you heal soon.