AILD Fan #52

I just want to find friends that truly care about me and my self worth.

Yeah, man. To feel accepted as you are…not as they expect or hope that you will be…not disappointed in who you aren’t…but just to feel at home…like you’re safe, here, now, today. And to feel like their liking you isn’t based on some way you could perform for them or selfishly add to their lives, but just to feel at ease, at peace, like you belong, and there’s nothing you can do to change that…

What a pure desire…and what a difficult one to fill…isn’t that strange? To feel like it’s so hard to have something so simple, that seems so right to want? And consequently, so lonely when it doesn’t work out?

I know the feeling of longing for friendship…in a lot of ways, I still long for friendship today…and I think I undervalue that desire in my own life because it feels so hard to attain. You’re not crazy for wanting it, and you’re not broken for not having it…exactly where you’re at is super common except for one thing: the earnest desire to change it. And because you have that, I believe you’ll find it.

Hoping the best for you

There is love out there in places that arent noticable. The purpose is not to find but to be found. The path to happiness is meant to be a struggle for you to understand it’s TRUE meaning. Be patient. Always stay humble and kind.

This community is full of people who are willing to be your friends, because we truly care about you and your self worth. Nobody can take your worth away from you. Hold fast.