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AILD Fan #53

I feel that even though I’m surrounded by people, I’m the only one there. I feel like I’m by myself and there’s no one to help even though I know it isn’t true.

A terrifying emptiness that feeling…to feel like the things that “work for other people” don’t work for you, to feel broken to the point that no one would understand, and no one could help you because there’s just something fundamentally off…

I remember going to my first 12 steps meeting and standing at the door of my sponsor and this terrifying thought hitting me: what if this works for everyone else and not me?

Gosh dude, what a brutal place to be…to feel like you need help, and you want help, but you don’t qualify for it, you can’t receive it…

I know you know this, but I want to make sure you hear the truth echoed back at you: it’s not true. You are not alone. You are not going to stay stuck this way forever. There’s nothing especially fucked up about you that isn’t fucked up about everyone else. You do belong, and you aren’t invisible. Thank you for sharing.


You are never alone. Its normal to feel isolated…even in a great crowd. Its all in the mind. Keep your head up. Jesus is always with you and I.

Hey friend, I know how you’re feeling when you say you feel alone surrounded by people. I want you to know you’re not alone. Hold fast.