AILD Fan #59

bro im staying clean fighting demons reaping what i have sowed and am not shaken for i am on a journey of self finding and of love. I love that yall seem to give a fuck and id like to say thanks just seeing that banner brought tears to my eyes. So thank you for you have already encouraged me, just need to connect with people again and quit being so isolated.

Hey friend,

You’re on the right path. KLearning to know yourself and find love is an important journey in your life and you’re doing great.

Keep coming in this community as much as you want or need. It would be awesome to know you better. You are not alone and you are loved.

Hold fast. :two_hearts:

That’s awesome news to hear that you’re pulling yourself back up by the bootstraps and cleaning your life up! I know that must be a daily struggle. But you’re doing it… Sometimes day by day, other times minute to minute, I’m sure. Regardless, progress is progress. You’ve got this! Reach out, connect and start living your BEST LIFE!