AILD Fan #6

It feels like nothing I do makes anyone I care about proud of me. I lost my dad to cancer a little over a year ago, and he was the only person who’s ever said they’re proud of me. I love and miss him every day, and I could really use some support with this.

Hey, I lost my grandma to Cancer. It can suck a big one. But, as hard as it is now, you are gonna be ok. <3

Hi Friend,

I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I can only assume the fact you’re father said that he’s proud of you means the world to you. I lost my brother to cancer too. And he wrote a note to me saying how he was proud of me and, after he passed away, I put it in a frame so it’s always here with me. It’s a way for me to stay connected to him, to be surrounded by the love we had for each other and to keep going on when life gets difficult.

Cherish those words, friend. I’m sorry he’s the only one who told you that for the moment, but it’s still priceless. It’s unique, it’s part of your relationship with your father, part of the love between you two. And it will always be with you, even if you’ll still miss your father. Time will help you to carry on and to keep only the good memories with you. What he said to you is a precious gift. You will never lose that. :two_hearts:

Sending much love your way. :heart:

You can totally be proud of yourself and you can trust your judgment that your father is proud of you. Hold on to that and embrace him. You have nothing to prove to anyone in this world. You can be proud of yourself and I’m sure your friends and family may also be they might not be able to show or speak about it.