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AILD Fan #61

I have been struggling with depression for years. I am currently going through a terrible divorce and living life as a single mother. The father of my child is barely involved in my sons life leaving me to burden it alone. I couldn’t have it any other way though my son is my life I live for him.

You are incredibly loved. Your dedication alone has the power to pave an amazing childhood for your son. I hope with all the fire in my chest that your son realizes the sacrifice of being a single mother and thanks you for everything you made happen for him when he has the opportunity, or at least for you to know women, like me, and just like you, could not be more proud of the life you’ve been cornered into, and the love you give and have beyond that.

Hi friend,

Late reply here. I’m sincerely sorry you don’t receive the support you need to raise your child, and I sincerely hope this situation will improve in times to come.

I really wanted to say that you are a wonderful mom. You didn’t have to write a lot about it, yet it’s obvious. I hope you’ll be able to find some support, even outside the father of your child. Your health matters too and you are loved. We’re also here for you.

Sending much Love your way. :heart: