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AILD Fan #63

I’ve been mainly feeling overwhelmed. Like I can’t give enough to the people I care about because time just doesn’t seem to be on my side. I’m just tired of being stuck and being afraid I won’t be enough for them.

Hi friend,

That’s wonderful if you want to be there for the people you love. It’s very kind of you and there’s no doubt they’re aware of that. But if you feel overwhelmed right now, it’s important to acknowledge the fact you may need some time to take care of yourself above everything and everyone else. And that’s okay. Every relationship is build between sharing and selfishness. :wink: If it wasn’t, then we would all end in burning ourselves everytime we care about someone.

You talked about being stuck and not having enough time. So I can only imagine that maybe it’s more about something in your daily life which frustrates you? It could be about the nature of your activities and the fact they may be not enough satistying for you. Or maybe you’re dealing with too many things at the same time. In any case, it would be interesting for you to take some time for yourself, to think about that and have a look at your daily organization. Sometimes even small changes can be major improvements…! :wink:

Hold fast. :heart:

You are gonna be okay, I promise. I know this is coming from a stranger who has no idea what your life is like, but just know that i feel you and people like you are out there and you are not alone through this. You are strong and important and heard. If you need someone to talk to personally my number is 4349417293. I love you and other people will too