AILD Fan #70

Dead End Job, can’t get out of it cause it pays the bills and supports my family


This happened to my brother. He was in a job that there was no future in, but he had a girlfriend and baby to support, since she was a stay-at-home mother. He expressed his interest in finding a new job and spent an hour every night looking for jobs. He talked to his girlfriend and she supported him, and while still at his job, he went for interviews at other places, and once he found the job he wanted and they offered it to him, he quit his other job and began working. He loved cooking and went to school for a certificate of dessert, and he is now the manager of the cafe him and I use to go to as children. He loves his job and it pays much better than his other job. He is now married with two children and is about to be the owner of the second cafe this business is opening.

I hope this story helped you in some sort of way. I hope you get the job you deserve and love!


Take it a day at a time. Try to spend your free time looking for a new job. Start envisioning your new life with a job you love and can still support your family.