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It has taken me a long time a long time to get to where I am and sometimes it feels like it might not be enough. Especially when it comes to providing for my girlfriend and daughter. I work 70 hrs a week and it still doesn’t feel enough for them. I wish I could see them more but this is the only way to provide for them.

Experience is not what happens to a person, it is what a person does with what has happened to them. Serenity is not freedom from the storm, it is finding peace within the storm.

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From: septic_ang

I am so sorry your feeling this way but I want to say we are here for you!

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From: grandmawinde

This is so sad to see how you work so hard, and somehow still feel like you’re not doing enough. I am sure you’re really doing everything you can, to provide for your family, even to the point where I think you’re doing too much. You won’t be able to keep doing this until the ending. Please find a more comfortable balance somehow. i’m sure you can find your way to talk to the right people and figure it out together with them.

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From: legendofamaya

I feel this way all the time, I am constantly doing stuff and it never feels like it is enough. I tell myself I’ll do x, y and z and once I get that done I will allow myself some down time but every time I get those tasks done I find myself piling on more because it never feels like I’ve done enough. It’s important to know your worth though and how much you can do, your own well being is extremely important. Don’t push yourself to where you are completely run down.

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From: kayla1508

There was a time about 2 years ago where I worked so much that I ended up putting myself in hospital. I don’t know why I felt like I needed to work that much if I’m honest. I just remembered I needed to be working so much… However here we aren’t allowed to work more than 60 hours per week for that reason alone. It took being in hospital for me to realise I was doing too much. Your family will love you and support you working what you’re capable of. They want you healthy.

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I did the same thing, friend. Worked my fingers off and wondered if it was enough, if I was good enough, if it would be enough. I found peace in the fact that, while Im not perfect, I am doing everything I can. I found that, even if the money was tight, I felt OK with MYSELF. You are trying. You care. You push yourself and you struggle. Those things already lift you above many of the people I see around me. Keep fighting. Rest. Repeat {hugs}

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My partner, before he met me, worked 80-90 hours a week. He ended up weakening the walls of his lungs and causes him to cough up blood. It has permanently damaged how hard he works. How long he works. It bother him a lot, he sees himself with eyes of effort based love. He feels like he needs to do 100 times more than he really needs. It takes so much to remind him, we have enough to live. We can cut down on some stuff and he didn’t have to hurt himself again.
I’m honestly scared when he works super late that I’ll get a call saying that he’s in the ER cause his lungs broke down again.
Give yourself proper time to relax.

From: kellehmeh

Things will get better, working like that can really be a strain, but learn to balance and there are people here who care about you

Hey friend. We covered your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream today! Here’s the live video reply. Hold fast <3

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