AILD Fan #90

Lonely upset and helpless

You’re not alone, my friend! I’ve been there before and it fucking sucks. Don’t be afraid to let out a good cry in the shower; it’s cathartic af. Keep your head up!

It’s the worst to feel like things are not right and yet feel like you have nothing you can do to fix it. I’m sorry you’re in that place, friend. Especially at a concert, when you feel like this is the one place you’re supposed to feel happy…it’s a brutal hammer of hopelessness to feel like EVEN HERE I’m not safe to feel happy…looking forward to what your days or week is going to be in the face of that disappointment is really scary. Especially considering someone probably did something to upset you and then to feel like there’s nothing you can do except be upset and consequently be alone…gosh, I’m really sorry that you’re facing that. I hope that you woke up this morning with more hope than you expected, and if not that you know that you don’t have to shoulder that pain alone…you can always write back here with more details and get more things off your chest. You don’t have to be the only one carrying what you have to carry.

Thanks for trusting us with your pain tonight. Hope that if you need it you remember you don’t have to do it alone.


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I don’t know you but I do know that you are not helpless. You do matter and you are deserving of love. I’m sorry you feel alone. Just know you have a family here.