AILD Fan #91

Life is very hard right now, trying to stay sober at a rock concert and live the right way is not as easy as it sounds

Ive been there. Pills for a big portion of my adult life. Nearly lost everything and didnt have the courage to face withdrawals. Look back on it now so happy to wake up feeling the way i do. Decision to stat clean gets easier. Still get tempted but its worth staying strong

Yeah, especially when you have so many memories and experiences of not doing it sober…of making the wrong choices…and then while you know that you’re making the right choice, it’s hard to see other people “having more fun”, while you’re wrestling with these thoughts, this internal battle…it feels like the lie it whispers is that things would be so much easier if you just gave in…you’d have such a better time…life is always better with “me” (whatever your drug of choice is).

But you also know that tomorrow when you wake up, you’re going to face the consequence of those choices. You are going to reap whatever it is that you sow, and you’re fighting to believe that it’s worth it to sow sobriety over sowing addiction.

Whatever you choose, your worth is not hung up on it. Your worth is permanent – you are loved because you are loved, because that is who you are.

But if you want to choose sobriety, remind yourself that you will reap the benefits tomorrow of waking up with a clear head and conscience. That you will be thankful for this choice. And that you know the life of an addict – it is not as happy as it seems on the outside. It is overshadowed by the constancy of shame and regret that wash in when the high falls.

You got this friend. And you don’t have to do it alone. Thanks for sharing so you don’t have to.