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The fact that i carry my family and never receive emotional support back from from i so for them im their need for support

Everything you feel is appropriate and reasonable. And you should have an emotional support network. I live with very similar feelings and I don’t have much family so I totally understand. There are ways to get across to your family. Or to find an objective ear from a professional. Also Rene your bless
We to have a family of your own. But others may not see the pain on your sleeve. Sometimes we’re good at wearing the mask.

It’s really brutal to feel like you give and give and give and never get back…it’s exhausting. Especially when you can’t just “cut family out of your life”. It’s more complicated than just finding new people or stop talking to those people…you don’t really know what to do – you just want them to love you like you love them. It doesn’t feel that complicated, which makes it feel even worse…it feels like because it’s so easy, they’ve got to be making the choice to be doing this, which makes you feel even more worthless.

I want to encourage you, for the health of your own heart, to not write intentions or malice into their actions when you might not fully know what they’re facing. Often, people treat others the way they treat themselves. The reason they need your support is because they don’t give themselves support. They abandon themselves. They hate themselves. And they don’t know how to pull up out of that nosedive alone…they just know how to crash and burn. So when you’re struggling, all they know how to do is to let you nosedive and crash, because that’s all they know how to do themselves. It’s not necessarily a reflection on how they feel about you, and regardless, how they feel about you doesn’t reflect at all on who you are. You are worthy of love whether or not they believe it or act like it or give it to you.

Hope freedom for you, friend.


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