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My son and 3 of his friends were killed in a car accident

Omg - I’m so sorry, friend…I can’t even imagine…that is tragic :frowning: I don’t think I have sufficient words…I’m just so sorry…

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I can only imagine it feels like your world has come to an end but somehow it still spins…it feels like such a gnawing feeling that everything in your world could come to a screeching halt and yet it feels like you must go on, like life has you on a conveyer belt and it is forcing the floor underneath you to continue to move forward…how do you do that when it feels like your son was your world? How do you move on when it feels like your heart was ripped out? Numbness and guilt and regret and blind rage and injustice and devastation…to try to feel the feelings individually feels impossible…

I am so sorry for your loss! I know the loneliness must be heavy, but don’t let your loss overshadow the ones who are there for you. Look to the people that surround you for love and support, you are not alone :black_heart: