AILD Fan #98

I was married for 18 years. This is my first Christmas not being married. Really hard

Hey there!

So I can relate. When me and my wife first seperated (we are divorced now we officially have been for three years) it was rough but I hope you have family and friends close and a solid support system in place. I am not going to say its easy. I will say that odd things may remind you of the. I will say that you may ugly cry. I will say that the bottle is not your friend. I will say that you are still human your feekings are valid and I hope you do not spend Christmas alone and you spend it with folks that care and love and support you.


I’m sorry things are hard for you right now. Christmas is a tough time to feel like no one cares. I don’t know you, but I care <3

I’m so sorry. But so many people care. Sometimes it’s hard to say how much someone cares. I don’t know you, but I care. I know what it’s like to not have someone at such an important time. Find three things that are meaningful and put your focus on that this holiday. There is so much to be grateful for and you will heal and grow from this. Merry Christmas. We care.