Ain’t crap

I ain’t shit. I’m clingy and needy and focused on the wrong things. Everyone is feeling so distant from me and I’m selfish.

Fuck my feelings. Everyone is going through it.

I’m over dramatic. Stuck in the past. Scared of the future. Letting fear take over. Throw me a pity party.

Negative…delusional. Creating stories in my head of what will happen. No needs that…no needs to be catering to my emotions when everyone is going on through it as well. Just disappear dumb bitch.

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Bruhhhh… SAME

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Rosethorn you are being needlessly critical of yourself. Please don’t do that. You are none of these negative things.

You’re a human being with feelings that are valid. You deserve to express yourself and share your heart.

Yes, everyone is going through the current state of things. Yes, everyone is stressed. But it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to share what you feel. It doesn’t devalue that.

This world needs stronger people…especially now. No one needs to deal with anymore fucked upness.

I’m alone with no spouse and no children and who gives a damn? There ain’t nothing to live for right now.

I am not good at being strong. I am not good at being someone reliable. I’m not good at being with people or alone. And being an explosive person is not what the world needs.

Again throw me a pity party. I wish I can cut out for being so useless

Hey there,
Hope you’re feeling better. I just wanted to let you know that as time passes everything will get better.
It’s okay to be stuck in the past as long as you don’t dwell yourself into it the past isn’t a bad place to look at because you can always learn from it. The future holds so many great potential for you. Stay strong I know you got it in you!

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