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I feel like I don’t do enough, or that someone else could use what I use instead.


I hear you. I have felt that way too. It really hurts. I can tell you that you are worthy of love and support.


From: owlextreme

lets be real, your depth of feeling means you have the capacity for amazing things! Nothing is wasted on you!


I appreciate you coming here for support. It sucks to feel like you’re not doing enough, but quite often other people appreciate what you’re putting out there without you even realizing it. <3

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From: fionnafiers

There’s nothing you have to do to “deserve” life or support or validation. Every person is worthy of those things <3 It sounds like you’re a sensitive and thoughtful person, and you probably do a lot more than you think you do. I’m sure the folks around you see it!


This feeling is so relatable to me. I can’t count the amount of times when I’ve been facing this same wall of disillusion where I would realize that no matter how hard I try, it never seems to be enough. It’s hard to feel like you’re purchasing something that never comes. Like you don’t have the strength or skills to achieve what you want.

But often times, this feeling comes from a need of shifting our own perspective. Even if it feels like you don’t do enough, the very fact that you care about it shows that you’re probably doing a lot already, but it’s possible that you don’t see it (or others don’t see it) because it doesn’t match with your own expectations. When you face those feelings, it can be interesting to ask yourself some questions and dig deeper (at least, it’s what helps me - please take it as it is, only a personal view :wink: ):

  1. When is it “enough” for you? And does this standard comes from your or others? This question goes along with knowing what drives you in doing what you do. What’s your main purpose and what it means to you.
  2. What are the areas of your life in which you feel like you should improve what you’re doing? I feel that, sometimes this kind of deep feeling is too vague, and we can tend to generalize how we feel and apply it to absolutely everything in our life. Trying to see things as they are, in a very practical way, can be useful to you if you feel a little lost right now.

There’s an exercise here on the Support Wall that I’d like to recommend you. It’s really helpful to understand the patterns that may be at work behind the feeling of not doing - and by extent not being - enough. You can find it here:

In any case, I can echo our friends here by assuring you that your worth is not tied to the amount of achievements that you have in your life. You have worth and you offer so much to this world just because you are you, and being you is more than enough. It’s okay to take the time you need to understand yourself more, to seek what’s meaningful to you, to purchase the things that bring you a sense of purpose. Just never lose sight of who you are, of what drives you. Reconsider your expectations when you need it, clear the ones that are necessary from those that are only burdens to you. Step by step.

You are loved. You are cared for. Wishing you the best. :heart: