Alcohol/thc addicted guy who need help asap

From ezeniamusic: I have bouth drug and alcohol prolems since a long time… Have a girlfriend/friend with benefits not ant whe is worries about my alcohol usage… Feeling that the alcohol work for me in the weeks. Tbh it have been so bad tha my dark thoughts have start to be dominated. What should i do ?


I’m so proud of you for opening up and sharing about what’s been going on, how you’re coping and about the dark thoughts in your mind.
I know I’ve used alcohol to cope through hard times. To me it felt like I could loosen up and be a freer person, but eventually I started to see patterns. That I often felt worse the next day with my mental and physical health. That I would lose my inhibitions and sense of control and say or do things that would upset family and friends and I started to become irritated. It wasn’t the characteristics that I wanted to present in myself. I knew I had a lot more to offer. I knew I had to find something that would help me form a better version of myself in a healthy way.

It takes times, but they say the first step is to open up and share, and you have done that. I’m proud of you for that. We will be here to support if you feel you’re ready to start reaching out for alternatives, otherwise we are here to listen and love

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hey friend,

thank you for being here and opening up about the battle you face with drugs and alcohol. although it provides temporary relief to the problems around us, these methods can let those dark thoughts in easier. i’ve been in your shoes as alcohol used to be my coping method to the point of blacking out. i understand you, i hear you, and i want you to know you aren’t alone. there is help out there for you and solutions/programs to get you through this. your girlfriend can also be someone amazing to lean on through this once you’re ready to take steps towards healing. all in all, i hope you can keep those dark thoughts away as they don’t deserve to dominate your mind or life. you deserve love and to know you have infinite value. you matter, my friend, and i’m thankful you’re in this community.


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