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I am a pornography addict Which afterwards makes me feel worthless and suicidal. I want to quit so bad and I’ve tried monitoring programs but always found ways around them. Idk what to do anymore

Porn’s such a brutal beast to face…it’s so culturally accepted, so it allures you in with the promise of pleasure only to ensnare you in something that many say is fine…then it rips away your self-esteem and confidence…it replaces it with shame…and it keeps you stuck in this cycle with no escape from access to it…it’s in your pocket literally 24/7…is always available, almost always free, and it’s the easiest drug to hide…you can literally view it in public, even when you’re with others…because you can just tab out if anyone peers over. It’s a dragon that feels impossible to slay…

I’m currently fighting that same battle, and here’s one principle I’ve come to learn: you can’t fight alone. You’ve got to find others to fight with you, or you might stay sunk. is a fantastic resource, and is the best recovery program I’ve been through. Search for a group in your area. If not that group, Celebrate Recovery / 12 steps is a fantastic program as well. I’ve been through both and have received so much growth / freedom from those. Reach out. Your recovery / heart / life is worth it.

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Hey @NateTriesAgain, your post is encouraging as I also struggle with this. Thank you for providing a resource and for just sharing your experience. I don’t feel like I am ready to be fully open about my struggle but I am starting to share on the HeartSupport forums. It brings relief to know that there are others on here that struggle like I do and that there is help out there.

To the poster, you’re not alone in feeling the way you do. We can fight this together!