All 27 Slipknot music videos say 1 thing…and it’s not what you expect

Wow this got me quite emotional. Thank you very much for opening up and share your story. I don’t know if any of the Slipknot members know how much their music has an impact on so many lives around the world. Shure helped me in ways I didn’t know would be possible.

I’ve seen them live and the pit was pretty damn aggressive

“they’re not crazy… They’re remarkably sane!” Yeah, if you actually listen other than shy away from the screaming and imagery, you can tell that in minute…

It’s nice to see someone push past their inclinations to prefer shallow pop music & take the TIME to study other genres to better understand the world they are in with them

so i should like trauma dump all the time?

This is a powerful video. Thank you for showing your mask and expressing your pain.

I started crying when you shared your mask. I have to do it for myself too.
Slipknot helpmed me surviving till today…

My Devil is spreading laughter and always trying to project positivity… to encourage positivity and laughter in others, even though deep down inside, I’m drowning in negativity that affects me so badly that I can’t scream, because I can’t even breathe through the suffocation of it, and everything is wet around me, so even if I cry, even I can’t feel the tears slide down my face. The reality is that I have lost everything except for hope. The hope that I can still one day emerge victorious in a world that wants nothing more than to see me fail miserably before dying an excruciating death. Being that I’ll be 53 at the end of the month, things were different for people in my age group. We didn’t dress up like every day was Halloween with black clothes and makeup, but I was Goth before Goth was a THING. My teenage infatuation with death and the macabre was because I, at that time, knew and understood that no matter what people achieve in life, no matter how well they are received, respected, or reviled… in the end, we all end up six feet under. We all face death alone, and no matter what you do, we all die. Ultimately, winning in life isn’t about gaining immortality. It’s about choosing to die on your own terms, so live life like it’s a precious gift, leave a legacy to be proud of and remembered well for, and die well. If you can’t find it in you to do that, then may you live forever.

Woww !! Salute to you and I am sorry you went through what you did. The was an awesome reaction and breakdown. You definitely beat it and used it as fuel to be the best version of yourself. My Sister and I both use music to get out pain out. We wish you the best.

Wear your pain! it brings Us maggots to life or BACK TO Life… the pain that exist does not need to be hidden

Intelligent and objective. I think you hit the nail on the head. Amazing message. Thank you!

This absolutely broke my heart…but it shows the strength in you…the metal community is more like family than anything…it’s life changing and life saving

Its wild when you look back at how shawn frequently presented silent in band interviews, makes sense after hearing his AHIG mask story.

Metal is about connection. You are in pain? Yeah man I feel it too. You want to feel powerful? Then let’s go, together!!

Outsiders misunderstand metal in general, partly because of its reputation and partly because of its image, but the central message of metal is simple:
There are other people out there like you. There are people out there who understand. Feeling bad doesn’t mean you are bad, it means bad things happened to you and you’re in pain.

You nailed it. I use to say that Slipknot talks to the darkest part of me

Very insightful and inspiring. Thank you!

Non-metal heads usually see metal as something weird, dark, violent, and negative. They fail to see all the emotions, open-mindedness and energy that is embedded in the genre and is poured out as a self-expression process, which has an exceptionally good effect on the psyche. Metalheads are usually very sane, noble, and quite intelligent people. There’s always exceptions, of course.

It’s awesome to see a new listener understand slipknot, respect :metal:. I hope they see this. My birth mother was extremely abusive to me and my sister, physical abuse, mental abuse and we were kept locked in our room and expected to be quiet. When she got tired of having me around she gave me to whoever could take me for a while and eventually took me back to my nightmare. She eventually broke me and I attacked her, on the next school day I attacked one of my bullies. After that I had to live with my grandparents, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it because I felt like a victim and was ashamed of being too weak to defend myself even though I was only 8. I started fighting anyone that tried to bully me, win or lose I promised myself I’d never be a victim again. My grandparents put me in counseling but I’d never open up to anyone because my birth mother proved nobody cared about me or what happens to me so that was just wasted time. Eventually mudvayne and slipknot came out and singing along to their songs was very therapeutic because they voiced what I had thought many times and being a maggot meant I wasn’t alone but was one of many.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:wow thanks for this video it made my day