All 27 Slipknot music videos say 1 thing…and it’s not what you expect

You should do KoRn - Daddy

“I run and I run from what I’ve become. A shell of a creature absent of features. I bury the pain inside as a reminder, and play a game of hide and seek and I’m the finder. The poison inside that’s constantly consumed, is all that will remain when I’ve been exhumed. Is there a reason to open my eyes day after day? If there is, I feel like I’ll never find it anyway. There’s a reality to the fact of being mentally broken, as the vile within spews forth and your wounds tear open. The pain that you feel, while immeasurable now, is just a little blip in time anyhow. It might not be easy, as you seethe while you curse. A descent into madness and you can’t slake the thirst. You drink it all in and exhale the darkness that surrounds. Fading away to a world absent of color and sounds. You open your eyes and take a breath, and then you fight tooth and nail until there’s nothing left. You fall onto broken knees, feeling the darkness overrun. It’s almost like nobody sees how broken I’ve become. You’ve got to fight for your life, break your fists against the wall. Punch and kick and bite and scream. No matter how far into the darkness you seem to fall, and when not a single ray of light can be seen. Take my my hand, I’ll fight by your side, broken together, and broken we fight. Don’t give into the darkness. Ball up your fists and fight!”

Bled_x - Broken Tooth

This is something I’ve written that was inspired by my life, my darkness, my relationship with metal music, Slipknot, et al. You’re never alone. \m/

All therapists love to talk about themselves. This is why therapy with a human who gets paid to listen and offer personal/textbook support is an illusion. Your mind is the most power thing in the universe, use it.

Slaughter to Prevail-Viking
Falling in Reverse-Ronald
Lorna Shore-Pain remains trilogy
Ongoing Concept-Cover girl